Medi-Cal and Veterans Administration Benefits Planning

At Bezaire, Ledwitz & Associates, we help individuals and families qualify for Medi-Cal and Veterans Administration (VA) benefits. Our experienced lawyers and staff can help you determine appropriate strategies to qualify for these benefits while preserving the assets it has taken a lifetime to earn.

Many Californians believe that they own too much property, or have too many assets to qualify for Medi-Cal.


Medi-Cal is an important program to help individuals across California pay for nursing home care. Many Californians believe that they own too much property, or have too many assets to qualify for Medi-Cal. Tragically, many people make a number of wasteful expenditures in an attempt to become eligible for Medi-Cal and other government benefits. For the vast majority of people, this does not have to happen.

If you, your spouse or your parent need to become eligible for Medi-Cal, we will take a full review of your assets and income. We will help you determine which of your assets are exempt, and which assets can be legally transferred. Our goal in every case will be to avoid wasteful spending or an estate recovery lien.

Helping People Qualify for VA Benefits

Military man hugs his childMany people are unsure about the requirements for VA benefits, and whether or not they qualify. Our law firm has a complete understanding of the issues veterans and their family members face.

Our firm’s Director of Marketing (and firm partner) Samuel B. Ledwitz’s father, Martin Ledwitz, is a retired United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, and is currently a Colonel in the California State Military Reserve. We regularly give seminars on how people can become eligible for various government benefits. We have a full understanding of the laws in this area and can help you determine what steps you can take to ensure eligibility.

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