Advanced Estate Planning

Solutions for complex combinations of assets.

Advanced Estate Planning

We offer a comprehensive range of Advanced Estate Planning solutions for high net-worth clients, and clients with a complex combination of assets.

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts, frequently referenced as ILITs, are Advanced Estate Planning tools that allow clients to avoid a common mistake: the inclusion of life insurance proceeds in their taxable estate upon death.

Qualified Terminable Interest Property Trusts, or QTIPs, are a specialized type of Advanced Estate Planning tools that allow clients to increase the flexibility of their Estate Plans while maintaining the all-important marital deduction.

Qualified Personal Residence Trusts, or QPRTs (pronounced “cue-pert”), are Advanced Estate Planning instruments that help clients transfer their principal residence at a lower Estate/Gift Tax value.

Many times, clients will have Estate Planning goals that can be achieved through Corporate Entity Planning.

Bezaire, Ledwitz & Associates offers comprehensive Corporate Entity Planning, including creation of LLCs, S-Corporations, and Family Partnerships

A Grantor Retained Annuity Trust, or GRAT, is an Advanced Estate Planning tool that allows high net worth clients to avoid estate tax liability for assets which are likely to appreciate, in certain situations.

IRA Trusts should be considered by clients who have $200,000 (or more) of value in an IRA account. An IRA Trust is a special kind of revocable trust (meaning that it can be modified, revoked, or amended by the client after they create and fund it) that serves as the beneficiary of your IRA funds.

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