Importance of Board Certification for Attorneys

Most practices focus on a particular area where the firm has developed a level of expertise. Board Certification requires additional education, evaluation and expertise so that attorneys can better serve their clients. An attorney who is Board Certified is among the top 1% of attorneys who practice in that area of specialty.

What You Know about an Attorney who is Board Certified

Board Certifications are not easy to get, so when a lawyer holds a board certification from an accredited or state sponsored organization, you immediately know some important things about the attorney without even meeting him or her. Some of the safe assumptions include:

  • The lawyer is in elite company, less than one percent of attorneys attain certification in the area of law they practice.
  • The lawyer is seriously dedicated to his practice area.
  • The lawyer has made substantial effort and investment in becoming a better attorney, well above and beyond the standard requirements, and proving this to the satisfaction of a non-profit certifying board.
  • The lawyer is highly regarded by fellow attorneys and judges.
  • The lawyer has made a commitment to continuing education, and deeper training in his practice area.
  • The lawyer passed independent screening and examination in addition to the requirements imposed by a state’s licensing association.