Charitable Giving Strategies

Many of us give great thought to how we will be remembered. If you have a cause or causes that you strongly believe in, one way to create a lasting legacy is by donating a portion of your assets to various charitable organizations. Charitable giving can provide many benefits to both the recipients of the gift and the person or persons making the gift. Charitable giving can obviously benefit worthy organizations. It can also help people of substantial means avoid estate taxes.

Our law firm understands the profound impact that charitable giving can have on your estate and the community.

If you are thinking about donating assets or a portion of your estate to charity, our Torrance charitable giving attorneys can help you accomplish your objectives.

At Bezaire, Ledwitz & Associates, we help families and individuals develop charitable giving strategies. Our lawyers offer experienced, knowledgeable counsel to clients throughout Southern California.

Our law firm takes great pride in using estate planning instruments to help our clients realize their philanthropic goals. We can help you determine which kind of charitable giving strategies best meets your needs. We can implement any kind of estate planning instrument such as:

Depending on your objectives, we can also help you bequeath charitable gifts through your will. Our law firm understands the profound impact that charitable giving can have on your estate and the community.

Our firm currently assists numerous organizations ranging from the Micro-Enterprise Charter Academy (M.E.C.A.), a charter school in Long Beach, and Unity of Life as a Planned Giving Partner.

We would be honored to help you fulfill your own charitable goals.

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