In this week’s Estate Planning News, our firm has highlighted the oft-overlooked area of Estate Planning and IRAs. We chose three articles that explain different IRA planning strategies, ideas, and perspectives on how IRAs can and should be used in an Estate Plan. Retirement accounts, in general, are governed by strict regulation and need to be handled carefully by well-informed parties. This digest should arm readers with information to adequately discuss their plans with a qualified professional.

If You Are the Surviving Spouse of an IRA Owner –

If you are the spouse of an IRA owner who has named you as his or her beneficiary, it’s critical that you-and the owner of the IRA-understand the rules that govern IRA inheritances.


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Previously, same sex married couples did not have the spousal IRA benefits of opposite-sex married couples under the tax code. These benefits include the ability to make spousal IRA contributions, tax-free splitting of IRAs in a divorce, and spousal rollovers at death. However, the IRS recently issued guidance that gives same-sex married couples the spousal IRA benefits.


Understanding Who Should Be Beneficiary of Your IRA

How To Turn A Modest Tax-Deferred Account Into Millions For Your Family How would you like to turn your modest tax-deferred account into millions for your family? Depending on whom you name as beneficiary, you can keep this money growing tax-deferred for not only your and your spouse’s lifetimes, but also for your children’s or grandchildren’s lifetimes.