Devona E. Chiles, the Senior Paralegal at our Firm, is the Founder of the Unity of Life Foundation. We support her tireless efforts as much as possible and would greatly appreciate your consideration in doing the same.


Her Website has information about her organization whose mission is to “Eliminate and prevent homelessness through family preservation and unification of our communities.”


From her site:

….So much of who I am has gone into this organization and I am happy to share it with you. It saddens me to know there are families struggling to maintain the basic necessities of life; a home, food and clothes. I founded this organization because I truly believe that no man should have to want for shelter or food.  Unity of Life will strengthen communities and families through educational programs and affordable housing, while changing the perception of homelessness. My purpose is to help and serve those in need and encourage all people to reach their goals... –Devona E. Chiles



Unity of Life Foundation, Inc. is a 501c(3) public benefit non-profit  corporation .   All rights reserved 2003.


P.O. Box 5952
Long Beach, CA 90805
ph: 562-225-0566