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Blended Family Concerns

Increasing numbers of Americans will marry more than once in their lifetimes. It is reasonable to say that blended families have become the norm in the United States for a few generations now. Despite this, many people in blended families do not have a full understanding of the estate planning issues that can be involved.

For instance, there may be underlying tensions and competing goals between children of a prior marriage and a spouse from a current marriage. Proper estate planning can go a long way to protecting each family member and offering proper guidance to family members under a number of different circumstances. The lawyers ofBezaire, Ledwitz & Borncamp offer skilled counsel and dedicated guidance to individuals facing potential estate planning dilemmas with blended families.

We Know What Questions to Ask and What Steps to Take

In your free initial consultation, we will discuss your family dynamics and estate planning needs in great detail. In this way, our lawyers and staff will be able to develop an estate plan that meets all of your needs. One major issue in blended families involves the right of inheritance. For instance, in California, a person’s spouse will inherit their estate upon passing unless a will states otherwise. If you want your children to receive a portion of your estate, we can help accomplish these goals.

Another major issue involves health care determinations if you become incapacitated. These issues can destroy potentially delicate relations between your children and your spouse. A health care directive can provide clear instructions and guidance for your loved ones, which in turn can minimize conflict between your children and your spouse. There are other issues as well. For instance, if you and/or your spouse have minor children, you will want to institute guardianships. These are but some of the issues that can arise. When you enlist our law firm, you can have confidence that we will protect your family from the common, and the not-so-common issues associated with blended families.