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Without an Estate Plan, if a person becomes incapacitated and is no longer able to manage his or her affairs, the court may need to appoint a Conservator. Under California law, if a person is found to be legally incompetent, the Probate Court can appoint a Conservator to oversee a person’s personal or financial affairs.

At Bezaire, Ledwitz & Borncamp, our Conservatorship attorneys will work with you to find a solution that results in the best possible care for the person who has lost capacity.

Helping Establish Conservatorships for Those Who Cannot Care for Themselves

There are many situations where people are unable to care for or make decisions for themselves. The law recognizes that not every person who is unable to make financial decisions is unable to decide where he or she wants to live. As a result, a Conservatorship can be structured so that an individual gives up limited control.

Bezaire, Ledwitz & Borncamp has helped families arrange Conservatorships in a variety of situations, including:

  • Parents planning for their disabled child turning 18.
  • Children helping to care for their parent or grandparent.
  • Family members helping to care for a loved one after an injury or accident.

If a vulnerable person requires additional protection because of abuse or neglect, our office can also file Temporary or Permanent Restraining Orders, which may necessary to stop the harmful behavior.

Cases involving Conservatorships of the Person (when one cannot care for themselves) or Conservatorships of the Estate (when one cannot manage their finances) can quickly become contentious. For example, an aging parent may not believe that he or she requires a Conservator. In other instances, siblings may disagree over who should be named Conservator. Regardless of the specifics of your Conservatorship issue, Bezaire, Ledwitz & Borncamp has considerable practical experience, and will be dedicated to effectively serving your interests.